» Keep your Personal Identification Number (PIN) a secret! Never write your PIN on your card or store it with your card. Memorize your PIN numbers.

» Review your account statements frequently, for fraudulent transactions.

» Report lost or stolen Debit cards immediately. To report your card as lost or stolen please call Boelus State Bank at (308) 996-4283

» At point of sale locations, or stores, ask that your debit card transactions be processed as credit transactions. These transactions require your signature vs. your PIN. The less you use your pin in public less the chance someone will obtain it.

» Take all receipts from ATM’s, gas pumps and stores with you. Keep them for verification against your monthly statement.

» Block the view of keypads when using ATM’s

» Keep your card in a safe place

» Cancel all inactive debit credit and ATM cards.

» Protect the card’s magnetic stripe. Do not expose your card to magnetic devices.

» Look for fraudulent devices attached to ATM’s or gas pump card readers. If the machine appears to have any attachments or alterations do not use it and report the problem to the appropriate financial institution or vendor.

» Sign all new cards upon receipt.

» Do not give any Debit Card information over the phone or Internet. This includes your 16-digit card number and your PIN. No one needs to know your PIN, not even Boelus State Bank employees.

» Do not use your Debit card on-line. Use a credit card for on-line purchases and make certain the site is secure.

» Do not allow anyone else to use your card or enter your PIN for you.

» Do not use poorly lit ATM locations.

» Do not sign; “please see ID” on your debit card. This is not a valid signature.

» Do not allow mail to go uncollected.